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We are cloud-native DevOps experts, specialized in splitting up monoliths. We love Microservices and Kubernetes.

Meet us on 1-4 Nov 2022 on Websummit in Lisbon
We offer Free DevOps Workshop that provides you with an independent assessment of your automated DevOps and security processes. It gives you an objective overview of the security and stability of your systems and shows whether you are already fully exploiting the possibilities of new technologies.

Our 3 business areas

Cloud-Native and DevOps

We support you in the design, implementation and maintenance of DevOps/Cloud-Native projects. We help you migrate to the cloud (Kubernetes/OpenShift, AWS, Azure, …) and build CI/CD pipelines for you. We accompany the change to a continuous delivery culture and train your team on site. In addition, we offer ongoing support and monitoring of your IT systems. We systematically increase your IT security through modern DevSecOps.

Identity and Access Management

We analyze your current authorization concept and the target architecture. We support you in the technology decision and define your new IAM concept together with you. We communicate intensively with your product owners and software developers to find the most ideal IAM architecture for you. In addition, we accompany their realization and implementation.

Custom Java Development

We specialize in cutting up monolithic software architectures and gradually migrating them into microservices. Our focus is on modern Java technologies and the SCRUM or Kanban approach. We design software architectures, program them and accompany them into operation.

Replace monolithic software architectures!
Through a modern and easy-to-maintain microservices architecture.
Benefit from higher system stability and higher code quality!
By developing in containers, the test environment can be used to replicate the production environment exactly. A rollback to the last stable software version is then possible at any time.
Become even more agile!
Accelerate your software development lifecycle with many more releases (approx. +66%).
Increase the output of your development team by around +35% with Red Hat OpenShift!
Because many more software projects can be done with the same number of developers. Your developers deliver faster and your applications and features run more robustly.
Increase your sales!
Due to significantly less downtime of applications
Bring innovations to your customers faster!
Through drastically reduced time-to-market of new applications and features.
Reduce monotonous and error-prone work!
Through automated and easier deployment
Enjoy relaxed software roll-outs!
Since only selected users will be enabled for new, unstable functionalities,
you can test and continuously change the code without disturbing other users.
Lower the costs of IT infrastructure & Development platform by up to 38%!
Unification and standardization of the infrastructure enables more efficient operation, and maintenance and training are simplified.
Make highly sensible investments in your IT infrastructure!
Investments “return” very quickly, ROI after 5 years at approx. 531%
Increase the security of your apps!
Integrate automated security tools into your existing development tool chain and identify security gaps early in the software lifecycle.

Why DevOps and Cloud-native Architecture

more frequent Apps
updates in Production
Up to 108 times faster with new Features in Production
Reduction of Recovery time after critical Incidents

Identity and Access Management

Single Sign-on
Let users log in once on a Windows computer, Google or Facebook, an application in the cloud and switch between them without having to log in again.
Multi-factor Authentication
Protect the most important applications with the second factor – push or SMS message to the user’s smartphone or email address. Dynamically trigger 2nd factor on suspicious transactions.
User Lifecycle Management
Seamlessly onboard new hires, grant them only the permissions they need, regularly confirm they’re not overprivileged, and deactivate their accounts when you no longer need them. Everything automatically!

Custom Software Development with Java

B2C Applications
  • Customer portals.
  • Self-service portals.
  • eCommerce solutions.
  • Marketing automation software.
  • Gamification software.
  • Payment systems.
  • Client apps: mobile banking, shopping apps, patient apps.
B2B Applications
  • Vendor portals, trade portals (B2B ecommerce), procurement portals.
  • Order management systems.
  • B2B marketing solutions.
  • Billing and invoicing software.
  • Contract management systems.
B2E Applications
  • ERP systems.
  • Financial management systems.
  • HR management software.
  • Project management software.
  • Asset management software.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) tools.
  • Collaboration systems.

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