Dedicated software development team that makes security the first-class citizen on your projects

Why Security is important

59 days is the median time-to-remediation of flaws in the development cycle
78% of vulnerabilities are found in open source dependencies
70% of companies have at least a few users with more access privileges than required for their job.
DevOps Squad giving you the power of DevSecOps
We integrate the automated security tools into existing development toolchains enabling you to quickly identify and remediate security flaws early in your process and without adding needless steps to the software lifecycle, so you can continue creating high-quality and secure software.

What is DevSecOps?

In DevSecOps, two opposing goals – speed of delivery and secure code – are merged into one streamlined process. In alignment with lean practices in agile, security testing is done in iterations without slowing down delivery cycles. Critical security issues are dealt with as they become apparent, not after a threat or compromise has occurred.

Why DevSecOps

Fix the discovered flaws 72% faster
Cut down total security debt by 5 times in 1 year
Learn which applications are affected when a zero-day exploit is announced on Day Zero

Your benefits

Cut down time to fix a flaw by 72% with DevSecOps
Scan your code with SAST and IAST, verify with DAST,  and enable Real Time Application Security
Get rid of vulnerable third-party dependencies in Docker images
Scan Docker images for dependencies vulnerabilities, harden the images and apply Kubernetes security best practices automatically
Make credential misuse on your APIs impossible by following security best practices
Have your APIs follow security best practices, enable security monitoring and do APIs identity, access management without the overhead
Enable Data Security from day one
Keep the applications GDPR-compliant from the beginning, enforce transparent data encryption at rest and transit, use data redaction, subsetting and masking for Dev and Production environments
Prevent data breaches by managing your secrets properly
Enable Secrets management and control, log and audit the access to secrets including the secrets for Docker, Kubernetes, API and your applications
Mitigate security risks for microservices with Identity Management
Manage application accounts and privileges via centralized IDM system, access user information from your application via REST API securely, use centralized self registration and password management
Make Login process easy and secure across Cloud and On-premise Applications with Access Management
Use adaptive MFA authentication, get single sign-on via OIDC, OAuth 2.0 and SAML protocols in your applications, enable seamless, customized sign-on experiences for your customers with CIAM
Create a secure cloud-native environment that can scale to effectively protect every service in the Cloud
Automate security best practices for AWS, Azure and Oracle Сloud, implement Zero Trust Cloud Environment, and make authentication simpler with Identity as a Service Cloud solution
Detect threats in real-time and get alerted of them via SIEM
Get every app and microservice to send logs to SIEM, achieve Compliance for your microservices and apps, and protect your microservices against Advanced Persistent Threats
Get Visibility of your sensitive data and systems to fulfill compliance requirements
Enable visibility of the microservices interaction, visibility of user identities across applications and visibility of GDPR personal data

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